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Max's Dandelion Daydream & New ACEOs

Here is a new commission I just completed for a wonderful person, MaryAnne! I really thank her for sharing her love of her iguana Max (who is no longer with us) and continuing to educate people about iguanas in general! In his honor, I want everyone to meet Max, the skelly iguana! He has such a beautiful light!

"Max's Dandelion Daydream" -- 8"x10 Acrylic on Canvas

Meet Max! He is a skelly iguana that quite frankly doesn't know he's an iguana! He is family! Here he is after finding a patch of his favorite flowers -- dandelions! He is always up for a good cuddle and has a smile for everyone. Have you hugged your iguana today?

8x10 PRINT

I also threw in a few ACEOs! They end this Monday night:)

2.5"x3.5" Canvas ACEOs

CLICK HERE -- to bid on "Roll Em" ACEO!
CLICK HERE -- to bid on the "Lucky Cat Skellies" ACEO!
CLICK HERE -- to bid on the "Kitty Love" ACEO!
CLICK HERE -- to bid on the "Blueberry Gothic" ACEO!

CLICK HERE -- to see all available ACEOs!!

"Morbidly Adorable Mementos" on Faezine.com

In case you missed yesterday's post about my new column on Faezine, you can read it by CLICKING HERE! To recap:

Column: Morbidly Adorable Mementos
Article: Daruma Doll Daydream
Author: Misty Benson
ISSUE: Vol. 4 Winter 2009

To read the articles, you will need to create a username and a password to access to the full article. It's totally FREE to do! Just sign in, and start swimming through the fairy dust!

Floating through a Japanese market in Seattle with my good friend and fellow artist Alexandria Sandlin, I stumbled upon the little red roly poly men.... Click here to read more...

If you have a profile on EnchantedFolk, please fee free to add me as a friend: http://members.enchantedfolk.com/gossamerfaery

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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