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Do you smell the sugary scent of Jack on the winds? Do you hear the rustle of leaves like hollow bones on pavement? Does rain sound like skeletons tap dancing on a tin roof? Do you vehemently hold onto the ghosts in your dreams? Do you see faeries in the dying light? Does life leave you feeling a little haunted? Maybe Halloween is your favorite time of year, but you spend Christmas decorating your tree with skulls. Maybe you are in the right community. Sometimes there is a faction of people that see a slightly darker side to the beauty in life.

Please post about things that are tragically beautiful. Something beautiful without the tragedy is highly valued as well. Creation is beautiful. Leave your poetry, art, photography, movies, quotes, music, latest Bpal scent, gothic architecture, cemeteries, somber clothing, tea parties… Talk about the smell of hot cinnamon cider on a cold morning or the look of a crimson apple covered in caramel. Romanticize about Poe and Yeats, sadness and sorrow, faeries and skeletons. Dark musings are delicious.

I, Misty, ~gossamerfaery, am your skull-loving, slightly unhinged, group creator. I love all of my Morbidly Adorable children. Come out to play. Just make sure you bring your skeleton dollies.

The older I get, the stranger I will become. This is not a goal nor a guarantee, but rather an inevitable fact of fine faery living. --Misty Benson

Use an LJ cut (explained HERE) if you have large images or just a lot of images. If you are posting a poem or writings, put some of it behind the cut if it is long:) If you want to share the work of others, clearly state who it is! Please provide a link to their site, but no hotlinking please!

If you are posting nightmare art, use a cut if it contains blood or nudity. Also, be warned that members post nightmare based art. If you do not want to have it come across you friend's page, please consider removing the community from your watch list. I will ask that members give everyone the option to pass by their art if it is bloody. Some of us here appreciate blood in art as long as it has a fantasy basis, while others do not.

My only real issue is if you do not credit the artist or author properly! If you do not know who created something you are posting, ask the community. I'm sure someone can tell you.

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